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The Absolute Essentials for the Outdoors


When it comes to the outdoors, there is a sense of beauty and benevolence within its charm. For many outdoor enthusiasts, nature provides a sense of humanity that has long been impacted by the advancements within our worlds. As much as we can continue living out our days with our faces in our smartphones, we have to understand the vital importance that nature brings to our lives.

In the grand scheme of things, the outdoors gives us an opportunity to be one with ourselves. Throughout our lives, we are constantly consumed by our everyday task that we tend to lose sight on the greater things. Especially in today’s world with the rise of technology, many of us have become more distant and superficial from the true aspects of nature. Yes, we all have specific responsibilities and objectives to fulfill, but we cannot get lost and consumed by those responsibilities. If we do, we will inevitably face the overarching perils and downfalls of burning out.

Because of this, I would advise you take advantage of the various outdoor activities that nature has to offer such as camping and hiking. With these types of activities, you are not just gaining the physical healthy benefits of moving and exercising. Instead, you are also gaining the gift of nature. That entails the beauty, the art, and the spirituality that the world has to offer. In many ways, the world is still undeniably unexplored. While we cannot see everything, it does not mean you do not have the chance to engage with life. For years, the natural world has become more withdrawn. We, as a whole, have relied so much on technology that our lives are tailored for a more leisure style of living. But with how the world is now, it is important to enjoy the little things and view the world outside of the rose-colored technology glasses. Yes, various technological activities such as Pokémon Go and Fitbits forces thousands of users to engage with the world. But to truly gain a grasp of the importance of nature, we need to think bigger. We need to do more.

With that being said, I encourage you to spend some time within the outdoors. I may be biased because of my own personal experience and interest, but spending the time exploring and enjoying the world can be incredibly beneficial to your life. It can, in fact, reinvigorate that much-needed positivity to help you for the workweek.

To help you with this, consider the following activities below:

  • Biking
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Outdoor rock climbing
  • Kayaking / Canoeing
  • Running
  • Photography adventures
  • Visiting parks
  • Outdoor yoga

While this list can go on forever, just know that the possibilities for enjoyment are endless. You just need to decide whether or not you are willing to take that leap of faith and jump into unexplored opportunities that the outdoors have to offer.

Why Fitness is Important

Do any of these things sound like something you’d want: decreasing your risk of disease; feeling better physically and mentally; looking better; avoiding injuries; continue doing activities that you enjoy throughout your life? If so then you need to exercise. Participating in regular physical exercise can even help you live longer!

Exercising, along with eating healthy, keeps you in shape. In the United States over the last 20 years there has been a significant increase in obesity. About thirty-three percent of adults and seventeen percent of children and adolescents in the United States are obese. Obesity leads to many health problems such as diabetes, chronic heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, and asthma.

Not only does not exercising lead to health issues but these health issues can lead to financial issues as well. Those who are obese have medical costs that are on average typically $1,500 more than those of normal weight. Moreover, annual direct costs of childhood obesity are $14.3 billion.

Scheduling just thirty minutes of exercise a day, while watching what you eat, can significantly decrease your risk of getting any of these health problems. A thirty minute workout can be many different things. Maybe you like running so you can do cardio for thirty minutes. There are other types of exercise you can do too, like weightlifting, crossfit, spin, or a HIIT session, that switch up your routine more so that you don’t get bored of doing the same thing over and over and you target different parts of your body.

There are many other positive effects to working out as well that you can see more immediately. They include increasing your muscle strength, reducing fat, promoting strong bone, muscle, and joint development, conditioning your heart and lungs, improving your sleep, increasing your energy and self-esteem, relieving stress, and increasing your chances of living longer.