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The Beauty and Tranquility of Fishing


Henry David Thoreau once said that, “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I have not lived.” Exploring the outdoors has become a huge passion of mine. Like many people, it provides an unexplored beauty of adventure and tranquility. As much as we can get lost with the various technological gadgets in our everyday life, I would advise you to take the time and embrace the outdoor world around you.

Now, with it being summer time, one of my favorite pastimes and hobbies is to get out on the water and go fishing. While some people have specific reservations about fishing, what they really need to understand are the positive factors that fishing can have, especially within a group. To begin, as much as fishing is a journey, it can also be seen as an opportunity to escape the pressures and stresses of the world. In my mind, it is an incredibly cathartic experience. Simply getting out on the water with your friends allows you to clear your mind of all worries and enjoy the hunt of the game. While some people may view this as a lackluster activity, the ability to just float around and converse with your close friends is an experience that anyone can enjoy.

As for the hunt, there is a culmination of anticipation and pride. Similar to soccer and baseball, fishing is a patient sport. The much-anticipated wait will continue to build as you sit on the edge of your seat knowing that something out in the water, at any minute of the day, could snatch the bait and land you with that golden prize. While each fishing journey provides a wide range of opportunities, you cannot help but love the unknown.

Now, the true thrill is when that bait is caught. This is what I call, ‘on the hunt.’ Once you get that bite, a jolt of electricity seems to hit your body. For novices to the sport, you can immediately see a sense of gratification and happiness when this happens. In the grand scheme of things, there really is nothing like the first bite. As this happens, that is when you have the corroboration and support of your friends. The excitement and advice from them and the final applause once you reel the prize in the boat is truly a remarkable moment.

But what really makes this special is the camaraderie. As much as you see the support when you catch that big bite, the ability to spend your time with your friends and loved ones in an atmosphere where anything and everything are open for discussion is a beautiful moment. But even with that sense of collaboration, there are still simple instances of pleasant solitude. To just be in your thoughts as you wait for a catch is something people strive for each and every day. That ability to self-reflect and just think is rare and should never be taken for granted.

Now, to wrap everything up, the last benefit of the experience is dinner timer. Depending on where you go and what you catch, many people will walk away with a fresh meal. Yes, there is a cooking portion to this experience, but unlike other meals, this one will have a better satisfaction because you were the one who caught it.

Best Family Vacation Spots

Going on vacation with your family can be a fun time and fill you with lifelong memories. When finding the perfect spot to vacation with your kids you find to find somewhere that every member of your family will be able to enjoy. This is especially important when traveling with young kids. As your kids get older you’ll be able to branch out on the places that you’re traveling to. But don’t miss out on traveling and creating memories just because your kids are young. Here’s a list of some of the best places to travel to in the United States with your family.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the most beautiful places in the world. There is so much to see and do here all at a reasonable price. Depending on your kids ages you can go hiking, kayaking, rafting, for horse rides and a ride on the Grand Canyon Railway. Whether you want to be adventurous on this vacation or just sit back and enjoy the views, the Grand Canyon is a perfect place for a family vacation.  


Located on the breathtaking island of Oahu, Honolulu is the state capital of Hawaii. No matter how old you are Hawaii is always a great place to vacation to. You can sit back and relax on the beach with a drink in hand while your kids play in the sand. Take surfing lessons, go on a hike, eat some of the local cuisine and just enjoy your incredible surroundings.


What could be better than taking your kids to the happiest place on earth- Walt Disney World? Spend some time on the roller coasters, kiddie rides, playing games or travel around the world in Epcot. You could spend your entire vacation in Walt Disney World. But Orlando is also a great city filled with lots to do so don’t forget to get out of the park for a bit and check out the city while you’re there!

Washington D.C.

The capital of our country, Washington D.C. is a great place for a family vacation. First off, D.C. is a great city to explore. It’s filled with delicious restaurants, friendly people, and a lot of history. Lose track of time in the Smithsonian, take a tour of the White House (make sure to book this very far in advance) or explore one of the other museums in the city. Washington D.C If you’re looking to stay outside of the typical tourist spots there are lots of art galleries, farmers markets and neighborhoods to explore.