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Daniel Lieber is a personal injury lawyer based in Minnesota, his beloved state which inspires his many exciting hobbies. A man of the people since he began his law career in the late 1980s, Dan is all about relieving the stress that results from personal injuries. With offices in Minneapolis and St. Paul, him and his firm, Metro Law Office, look to provide the necessary support and legal representation so that they can alleviate the stress and defend the rights of those injured as a result of the negligence or carelessness of others. Their highly trained staff focuses primarily on personal injury cases such as automobile accidents, work injuries, dog bite, slip and fall, wrongful death, defective products, motorcycle accidents, and bike injuries.

Professional Career

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 1.26.26 PMDuring his time at William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota, Daniel Lieber worked for two of the larger insurance companies, United Fire And Casualty and Western National Insurance as an insurance representative. While he found success with the job, Daniel simply could not invest within their corporate culture. As a highly motivated individual in his mid-twenties, he saw a passion in providing a voice for the people. Hard work, dedication, and justice; that was Dan’s motto. It was the critical ingredient that motivated him during his law school days and continues to inspire him today. For him, he loved the idea of seeking out justice and generating viable solutions that can play a bigger role in an individual’s life. He saw a passion in finding new and innovative legal strategies that helped the everyday person. But, most importantly, he saw the love and drive of success and accomplishment in giving another person a second chance for a better life. That thirst, while demanding, is what pushes Daniel day-in and day-out in providing the best and effective service that can aid his clients in a greater way.

The most rewarding part of this job is helping people through trying times, It is great to offer these people some relief.

After law school, Daniel was able to work at a general practice law firm, Borkon Ramstead and Mariani in Downtown Minneapolis. There, he was able to gain the necessary experience within the legal areas of estate planning, divorces, business law, personal injury law, and criminal defense. As much as he enjoyed his time there, he quickly realized that he wanted to continue that passion and drive of being ‘bigger than himself.’ In 1993, he was one of the founding members of Legal Associates, Ltd. based in Downtown, Minneapolis. During his two years at Legal Associates, Dan sharpened his advocacy and arbitration skills, obtaining many of the largest settlements and awards in the firm’s history. From there, Daniel Lieber opened and established The Law Offices of Daniel Lieber, which eventually grew to become the Metro Law Offices, Ltd., of today. With the resources and staff necessary to engage in representing the rights of the injured, he now focuses his practice exclusively helping those who have been injured by others, or whose own insurance companies have turned against them. At Metro Law Office, Daniel is able to cultivate his intrinsic belief of hard work, dedication, and justice within his professional field and legal business. Even when it came to undertaking different and difficult projects, Daniel Lieber made sure to adapt his mentality and legal strategies for success. At the end of the day, it didn’t matter if he was playing the face of a legal case or behind the scenes; Daniel’s adamant belief in learning, understanding, and perfecting his craft is what continues his ever-growing success. That sense of modesty, humility, and openness, especially with his clients, is what makes him one of the most sought-after personal injury lawyers in the Minneapolis area.

Dan focuses solely on personal injury cases (e.g. car accidents, slips and falls, etc) and is the only resource you need to start the recovery process– and get the financial settlements you deserve. If you find yourself in an inopportune situation, call Dan at 651-225-5326 for personalized service and representation in court procedures such as arbitrations and depositions.


Personal Life

Daniel has lived in the Twin Cities since he was just nine years old, and his devotion to the area is clear. He loves that simplicity and respect are a way of life in the Midwest. As far as Minneapolis itself, Dan frequents various public circles, such as theaters and museums. He also loves to visit natural wonders, like the city’s exceptional Chain of Lakes which border the area.

When Daniel Lieberman is not at the office, he is, first and foremost, a family man. On weekends, you can usually find him spending time with his kids and enjoying what life has to offer them. He currently has a twenty-year-old daughter at the elite university, the University of Minnesota, who currently plays for their nationally ranked marching band. He also has an eighteen-year-old daughter who is currently battling cancer. Because of this, Daniel and his family are heavily involved in giving back to the community through various social issue organizations and events. When Daniel is not volunteering, you can usually find him out and about enjoying everything that nature has to offer. Since he was a child, Daniel has always been interested in outdoor activities. This includes fishing, water sports, camping, etc. Daniel is always enjoying sports and fitness. Especially during his time off, you can find Daniel and his family hoping around Minneapolis’ best restaurants, fishing in Wisconsin, enjoying a Sunday afternoon watching football, or traveling and relaxing to an area with an incredible water view.